Is the book “al-Jawaahir fee `Uqubat Ahl al-Kabaa’ir” a reliable reference?

Question 24: Attached to my letter is a booklet called Al-Jawaahir fi `Uqubat Ahl Al-Kabaa’ir. I have read the entire booklet which quotes many Hadeeth and sayings that state the rewards and punishments such as the reward for Rukoo` (bowing), Sujood (prostration), reciting Surah Al-Fatihah, and saying Subhaana Rabiya Al-A`laa i.e. “Glory be to Allaah, the Most High” and Subhaana Rabiya Al-`Adeem i.e. “Glory be to Allaah, the All-Mighty” inside the Salaah (Prayer). The foregoing example is in the middle of the eleventh page while there are so many other examples spread in various places of the booklet. My question is whether all that is mentioned in this booklet is considered authentic and reliable that you advise me to follow and use as a reference. May Allaah guide us all to whatever He is pleased with.

Answer: The book of Al-Jawaahir fee `Uqubat Ahl Al-Kabaa’ir by Shaykh Zayn Al-Deen Al-Malibaree is not considered a reliable source with regard to rulings, distinguishing between major sins and minor ones, Du`aa’s (supplications) or Adkaar (invocations)… read more here.