Evidence from the Qur’aan and Sunnah prohibiting and warning against singing and musical instruments

I have looked into the report published by Al-Ra’id Magazine (67th and 68th issues) by Aboo Turaab Al-Zhaahiree entitled “The Book and Sunnah did not forbid singing and using and listening to musical instruments.” I considered carefully the Hadeeth and reports that he mentioned and relied upon in permitting singing and musical instruments in accordance with his Imaam Aboo Muhammad ibn Hazm Al-Zhaahiree. I was astonished at his extreme daring following his Imaam Aboo Muhammad to claim that all the Hadeeths reported prohibiting singing and musical instruments are weak... read more here.

Reminding of Allaah and advising people in wedding occasions

Question 3: Is it allowable to utilize wedding ceremonies to advise people in them for many people are present and a great deal of those people in particular do not listen to religious information except rarely? May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: In fact, it is strongly recommend to remind people in weddings of what is obligatory on them concerning Allaah’s Right, obedience to Him, co-operation in righteousness and piety and advising one another to observe right and avoid the forbidden matters. Also, people should be encouraged to marry and reduce the costs of marriage so that marriage increases and chastity spreads among Muslims... read more here.