Men beating drums at circumcision and wedding celebrations

Question 22: Certain occasions; such as marriage and circumcision, are sometimes held in our town. Celebrating these occasions, the men gather in a separate place where they beat the drums, dance and amuse themselves. It is noteworthy that no instrument is used but the drums, there is no mixing between men and women and the obligatory Salaah (Prayer) is performed in their due time. What is the ruling on these practices? Please answer us, may Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: It is impermissible for men to beat the drums on occasions, whether circumcision or others, as this entails prohibited amusement. Rather, it is proven in the Sunnah that women are recommended to beat the duff to announce the marriage.This is granted to women only when there are no men present... read more here.

Having poets at the wedding night

Question 21: A habit that has spread widely amongst many tribes is bringing together some of the so called debate poets. People, in weddings for instance and some other occasions, invite two poets, eachfrom a different tribe, and give them a sum of money to entertain them during the whole night. Two rows of men are formed opposite to each other, each one of them for a poet, and men in each row repeat collectively and loudly what their poet says. Doing so involves clapping hands and dancing. Moreover, each poet prides himself on his noble descent and at the same time defames the other poet. Following are my questions:

1- What is the ruling on hiring these types of poets and what is the ruling on this type of poetry?
2- What is the ruling on dancing and clapping hands?
3- What is the ruling on those who stand in the rows mentioned above and repeat what the poets say?
4- What is the ruling on the poets defaming each other? What is the ruling on their poetry that involves defaming others’ lineages and priding oneself on their noble descents?
5- What is the ruling on visiting places in which this kind of poetry is recited?
6- What is the ruling on staying awake at night with such poets until the approach of the time of Fajr (Dawn)?
7- Some of these poets train young men to recite poetry and dance and take them to places where this kind of poetry is recited. What is the ruling on this?
8- What is the ruling on acceptinginvitations to attend occasions in which this type of poetry is said. May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: All that you have mentioned are Haraam (prohibited) acts and practicing them is impermissible. Moreover, it is impermissible to visit places in which such acts are practiced even if a person is invited to them unless their intention is to forbid and warn people against them... read more here.