Weather forecast: Only a guess based on the universal Laws of Allaah

Question: The meteorological observatories say that the weather during the coming twenty four hours is expected to be sunny, cloudy, or accompanied by thunder storms. It might rain here or there, and there will be southern or northern winds, and so on.

Answer: Predicting weather conditions or forecasting winds, storms, clouds, or rainfall in some places is based upon knowledge of the universal laws of Allaah… read more here.

What is the ruling on weather forecast based on specialized studies?

Question 359: There is no harm in weather forecasts based on specialized studies. Does the same apply to predicting some events of the near future for a person based on psychological, educational and mental studies at the hands of specialists? They use certain marks in the body to predict what will happen to the person. Does this fall under the prohibited guessing of Ghayb (the Unseen) or there is no harm in that as well? Those involved in these acts say their work is merely academic and depends on their true vision.

Answer: Firstly: There is no harm in weather forecasts based on cosmic signs, provided that no one believes that these signs are effective in themselves and capable of causing events. This will be considered major Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship that takes the Muslim out of Islaam). People should not depend on these signs and claim to have the ability to foretell the future or control the good and evil events that happen to others.

Furthermore, these expectations based on the cosmic signs should always remain merely assumptions and should not be depended on as decisive facts to predict the future as mentioned in the question... read more here.