Zakaah on rabbits

Question 6: How should I pay Zakaah on rabbits if I buy, breed and sell them?

Answer: Zakaah is due on rabbits that are used in trade if their value reaches the Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due) on their own or by being added to other objects on which Zakaah is due and after a year passes… read more here.

Are they who lose their minds accountable for their deeds?

Question 8: Will a mad person be held accountable for the misdeeds that he committed such as neglecting Salaah (Prayer), Sawm (Fast), Zakaah (obligatory charity), and son on? It should be noted that the person concerned was a normal person in the beginning of his life, but later became insane.

Answer: As for the period when the person concerned was sane, he will be held accountable for the deeds done then; rewarded for the good ones and punished for the bad ones. As for the period when he was insane, he will not be held accountable for the deeds committed then… read more here.