Sawm of a woman suffering from uterine bleeding

Question: My wife could not fast in the Ramadaan of 1401 A.H., because of a disease that caused her to bleed from the genital organs. Consequently, she could not fast the missed month of Ramadaan before the next Ramadaan of 1402 A.H. which she was able to fast. Indeed, she submitted to treatment during that period until the bleeding stopped. Now, should she make up for the missed days by fasting or by offering Fidyah (ransom)?

Answer: It is obligatory for her to make up for all the days she missed in the Ramadaan of 1401 A.H. In which she broke her Sawm and could not make up for it until the next Ramadaan of 1402 A.H. Allaah (Exalted be He) says... read more here.