Attitude of artists towards the Ahaadeeth prohibiting Tasweer

Question: What is the attitude of artists towards the Ahaadeeth that denote the prohibition of picture making?

Answer: They may deny these Ahaaadeeth. But they are authentically reported in the books of Sunnah (whatever is reported from the Prophet). They may also figuratively interpret them or allege that they are specific for certain time… read more here.

Sculpture, classical paintings, and abstract art

Question: What is the Islaamic position on sculpture, classical paintings, and abstract art?

Answer: Making images of beings with a soul is Haraam (prohibited), whether it is in the form of a sculpture or a painting on a wall, cloth, or paper, or embroidery. There is also no distinction whether a picture is created with a paintbrush, a pen, or any other drawing instrument… read more here.

Statues and the so-called “Unknown Soldier Monument”

Question: What is the ruling on erecting statues and what is known as “Unknown Soldier Monument”?

Answer: Erecting statues of prominent figures who played a role in developing the country in the scientific, economic, and political fields and what is called “Unknown Soldier Monument” is an act of Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islaamic time of ignorance)… read more here.