Smelling tobacco during Sawm

Question: Some of my co-workers smoke while I am observing Sawm (Fast) the six days of Shawwaal; does the smell of smoking invalidate Sawm? Please note that I do not smoke, all praise be to Allaah.

Answer: Someone’s Sawm is not invalidated if dust or smoke gets into their throat, for this is beyond their control. However, you should advise the people who smoke to give up and repent from smoking, because it is Haraam (prohibited) and a sin... read more here.

Is it permissible to obey my father’s order to buy him tobacco?

Question 20: Is it permissible to buy tobacco for my father as he asks me to do so?

Answer: It is not permissible to buy anything prohibited for the sake of your father whether it is tobacco, opium, hashish, alcohol or the like even if he asks you to do so. It was authentically reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said… read more here.

Islamic ruling on planting tobacco

Question 19: What is the ruling of Islaam on growing tobacco seeds and on the money earned by the farmers through selling it?

Answer: It is impermissible to grow, sell or use tobacco, as it is Haraam (prohibited) in many aspects, due to its dangerous effects on health, its harmfulness and uselessness… read more here.

Trading in tobacco products

Question 18: What is the ruling on selling tobacco products and the like? Is it permissible to give Sadaqah (voluntary charity), perform Hajj and other acts of righteousness from these revenues and profits?

Answer: It is not permissible to deal in tobacco or any other unlawful substance, because they are evil and filthy in addition to the physical, spiritual, and financial harm they cause. If a person wants to give Sadaqah, perform Hajj, or do some acts of righteousness, then he should strive to make his earnings Halaal… read more here.

Trading (buying and selling) in tobacco, cigarettes and the likes

Question 4: What is the ruling on selling tobacco (cigarettes) that is sold through permission from a tobacco company?

Answer: Smoking is forbidden. Moreover, planting and selling tobacco is also prohibited because of the great harm it causes… read more here.