Salaat-ul-Faatih (Remembrance from the Tijaaniyyah order)

Question 150: The Al-Tijaaniyyah sect has their own supplication called Salaat Al-Faatih, which they consider to be better than reciting the Qur’aan. Is this true? Moreover, on Friday before Maghrib (Sunset) Salaah and after Subh (Dawn) Salaah, they circle around a piece of cloth on which, they claim, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Ahmad Al-Tijaanee sit. During such times they recite the supplication called Salaat Al-Faatih. Please, provide evidence and clarify if this practice is proper.

Answer: All their claims are false. Moreover, their deeds are null and void and are considered to be Bid’ahs (rejected innovation in religion)… read more here.

Al-Tijaaniyyah (A deviant Sufi sect embraces strange beliefs far from Islaam)

Question 149: What is your opinion concerning Al-Tijaaniyyah Tareeqah (Sufi order) and seeing the Prophet (peace be upon him) in wakefulness?

Answer: Al-Tijaaniyyah is one of the most disbelieving, misguided and innovative Tareeqahs. The Permanent committee has been asked before regarding this Tareeqah, and wrote a research paper detailing a lot of their Bid`ahs (rejected innovation in religion) and falsehoods. As for the claim of some Sufis that they see the Prophet (peace be upon him) while they are awake, this is absolutely baseless,and Baatil (null and void). The Prophet will be seen on the Day of Resurrection when the dead emerge from their graves. It is authentically reported that he (peace be upon him) said: I will be the first one to emerge from the earth on the Day of Resurrection.... read more here.