Having a television set in the house

Question 22: In our city, some people who are not scholars, but who mix with scholars and learn from them, deem the television to be unlawful. They say that by having a television set in the house, the husband, wife and children are as sinful as those who commit Zinaa (sexual intercourse outside marriage), Allaah forbid! Is having a television set at home and watching it Haraam (prohibited) or not?

Answer: Watching television becomes permissible when a Muslim is watching something lawful, such as Qur’aan recitation, religious talks, business reports and political news. It becomes impermissible when watching something unlawful, such as dissolute songs with evil lyrics, when men listen to women singers even if it is while performing decent songs and when watching men sway and dance while singing. In general, having a television set and watching it depends on the ruling on what is watched, whether lawful or unlawful... read more here.