Feeling the taste of food after beginning Sawm

Question: One day during Ramadaan I had some teaat Suhoor (pre-dawn meal before the Fast). I slept without washing my mouth. When I woke up, the taste of tea was still in my mouth. Do I have to make up for that day?

Answer: Your feeling of the taste of tea after waking up in the morning does not invalidate your Sawm (Fast), as you drank the tea before the break of the second dawn. Therefore, your Sawm is valid and you are not required to make up for that day... read more here.

Tasting food while Fasting

Question: Some scholars maintain that it is permissible for a woman to taste the food she is preparing while fasting to see if it is seasoned properly, on condition that nothing reaches her throat. Is this view correct?

Answer: It is permissible for a fasting person to taste the food during the daytime in Ramadaan, if necessary, and their Sawm (Fast) is still valid as long as they do not deliberately swallow anything of it..read more here.