A man hiding his sterility from his wife

Question 8: I am a sterile person and have no children. My wife however does not know about it as I told the physician not to tell her for fear that she would abandon me. Have I committed a sin for not telling her about my being sterile before marriage?

Answer: You have to repent to Allaah and ask His forgiveness regarding the sin you committed by not telling her about the sterility you know you have. In fact, it is considered as cheating her. However, you may beg her pardon and soothe her so that she might accept to live with you… read more here.

Marrying a sterile woman

Question 7: Is it permissible for me to marry a sterile woman as I do not want to have offspring even when I am wealthy? Please, answer me while taking it seriously. I hope that you will always be in the right and wise position.

Answer: The Islaamic religion encouraged and exhorted marriage and having many children so as to increase the Ummah in number and protect the survival of the human species.Moreover, having righteous offspring indicates continuance of a Muslim’s good deeds after death. To this effect, the prophet (peace be upon him) said: Marry women who are very prolific and loving, for I shall outnumber the people by you on the Day of Resurrection.… read more here.

Is it permissible for a sterile man to marry?

Question 6: According to the ruling of Islaam, what should a man do if, before marriage, he finds out through medical examination and tests that he is barren?

Answer: First, he should marry as long as he is capable of affording dowry and marriage costs and is sexually potent. He should do so to act upon Sunnah, guard himself against adultery, cooperate with others in life matters, establish links with his potential in-laws, and the likes of such advantages of marriage… read more here.