What does this hadeeth mean, “Start fast on seeing the new moon of Ramadaan and give up fast on seeing it.”?

Question 2: What is the ruling on a person who does not fast according to the first sighting of the new moon of Ramadaan, but waits until he sees it for himself depending on the following Hadeeth, “Start fasting on seeing it (the new moon of Ramadaan), and give up fasting on seeing it (i.e, the new moon of Shawwaal)”? Is this understanding correct?

Answer: It is obligatory to fast when the sighting of the new moon is confirmed, even if only one trustworthy Muslim sees it. The Prophet (peace be upon him) issued orders to fast when a Bedouin testified that he had seen the new moon. Interpreting the Hadeeth mentioned in the question to mean that no individual should fast until they see the new moon for themselves is incorrect, because the Hadeeth tells everyone to fast when the sighting is confirmed… read more here