What is meant by a wet dream ?

Question 27What is meant by Ihtilaam (sexual dream)? Do only married women experience it?

Answer: Both men and women can experience Ihtilaam at any age. It is one of the signs of puberty. If a woman experiences Ihtilaam by ejaculating Maniy (vaginal secretions that are released on orgasm), she should perform Ghusl (full ritual bath) following major ritual impurity..read more here.

Secretion that comes out after ritual bathing following Janaabah

Question 26After taking Ghusl (full ritual bath), I wash my private parts then I wash my hand and perform Wudoo’ (ablution) for Salaah (Salaah). Later and after about five minutes, I feel that something else is discharged from me; what should I do in this case? What is the ruling if something comes out from the private parts after performing Ghusl and I do not wash it believing that it is part of Waswasah (insinuating thoughts from Satan). After finishing the Salaah, I wash it because of the frequent insinuations that I have. Should I just perform Istinjaa’ (cleansing the private parts with water after urination or defecation) in this condition or repeat Ghusl?

Answer: The secretion that comes out after having performed Janaabah Ghusl (full ritual bath to cleanse of sexual discharge) does not affect the validity of the Ghusl. However, you have to clean yourself by performing Istinjaa’ and then Wudoo’ (ablution) when needed for an act that necessitates having it, such as offering Salaah and reciting the Qur’aan from the Mus-haf (Qur’aan, the Book) if the secretion is ascertained..read more here.