Salmaan’s Hadeeth on the excellence of Ramadaan

Question: In one of his Friday Khutbahs (Sermons), a Khateeb (preacher) mentioned the Hadeeth narrated by Salmaan who reported that Allaah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) gave them (his Companions) a sermon on the last day of Sha`baan etc. At that point, one of the attendees of the sermon went against the Imaam publicly telling him that the Hadeeth narrated by Salmaan is a Mawdoo` (fabricated) Hadeeth. From among what he (the Khateeb) mentioned, “Whoever feeds a fasting person, Allaah will make him drink from my Hawd (Prophet’s lake in Paradise) a drink that quenches his thirst until he enters Paradise” and “Whoever relieves his slave, will be forgiven by Allaah and protected from Hell-fire.” The objecting person said that these sayings are falsely ascribed to Allaah’s Messenger and whoever ascribes lies to Allaah’s Messenger, will have his abode in Hell-fire etc. I hope your Eminence will explain whether what he has said is true or not. May Allaah protect you!

Answer: The Hadeeth reported by Salmaan is recorded by Ibn Khuzaymah in his Sahih. He said: “Chapter on the merits of the month of Ramadaan, if the narration is authentic”, then added: `Alee ibn Hujr Al-Sa`dee reported that Yoosuf ibn Ziyaad reported that Hammaam ibn Yahyaa reported from `Alee ibn Zayd ibn Jud`aan from Sa`eed ibn Al-Musayyib from Salmaan that he said… read more here.