Refuting Saalih Muhammad Jamaal

All praise be to Allaah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allaah, his family, his Companions, and those who follow his guidance.

I have read what was published in Al-Nadwah Newspaper in its issue dated 24/5/1387 A.H., written by Saalih Muhammad Jamaal entitled “Islaamic Monuments.” In this article the writer calls for the glorification of Islaamic monuments, lest they should be deserted and unknown to the people. The writer says that those who now visit the house once inhabited by Shakespeare in Britain and the house of Beethoven in Germany do not do so out of deification, but out of admiration to what the English poet and the German musician contributed to their countries. These trivial houses cannot be compared to the house of Prophet Muhammad, Dar Al-Arqam ibn ‘Aboo Al-Arqam, Thawr Cave, Hira’ Cave, and the place where Al-Rudwan Bay`ah (pledge of allegiance) and Al-Hudaybiyah treaty took place, he said. A few years ago, Egypt registered the history of the Sphinx and the glory of the Pharaohs, and tourists came from everywhere to listen to these trivial talks compared to the glory, history, and great people of Islaam in all aspects. The writer suggests that Muslims should glorify Islaamic monuments that are of greater importance, such as Hira’ Cave and Thawr Cave, in addition to the previously mentioned English and German sites, and the glorification of the Egyptian Pharaonic monuments. The writer mentions that the Ministry of Hajj and Waqfs (Endowments) should maintain these monuments in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and benefit from them in the following ways… read more here.