Ruling on Salaat-ul-Faatih that is said on weddings or on naming a newborn

Question 10: Most of the Imaams (the one who leads congregational Prayer) and shaykhs of Masjids (mosques) have agreed that Du`aa’ (supplication) in the marriage contract or when naming a child should be made by Salaat-ul-Faatih (Remembrance from the Tijaniyyah order), which says: “O Allaah! Send Your blessings on Muhammad Al-Faatih (the Opener) of what is closed, the Seal of what preceded him…” What is the ruling on this?

Answer: Salaat-ul-Faatih has no origin in Sharee`ah (Islaamic law); and what has no origin in Sharee`ah is regarded as Bid`ah (innovation in religion), because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said… read more here.