Performing Salaah with Sufis in their places of worship

Question 147: In the suburb where I live there is a Masjid (mosque) with a Zawiyah (corner, prayer room) reserved to a Tareeqah (Sufi order). Is it permissible to pray in it?

Answer: Do not pray with these Sufis in their Zawiyah, and beware of keeping company with them and mixing with them, lest you should be influenced by their acts. You are advised to offer Salaah (Prayer) in a Masjid where the congregation is keen to follow the Sunnah and adheres to it... read more here.

Ruling on “Hizb al-Aman,” “Salaah al-Nuqtah,” “Raqam 2” and “Salaah al-Lahootiyyah”?

Question 146: What is your opinion concerning these things written in the attached paper: “Hizb Al-Aman”, “Raqam 2”, “Salaah Al-Nuqtah” and “Salaah Al-Lahootiyyah”?

Answer: What has been mentioned in the attached paper with your question; Hizb Al-Aman, Salaah Al-Nuqtah, and the Salaah Al-Lahootiyyah etc. Are kinds of Sufi Bid`ahs (innovations in religion) and doing them is not permissible... read more here.