Slaughtering a sheep in the month of Sha`baan

Question 483: Since my young age, I am accustomed to slaughter a sacrifice, or to put it more accurately, to give its meat as Sadaqah (voluntary charity) in the month of Sha‘baan, on any of its nights? Is there anything wrong with doing so? Please enlighten me, may Allaah enlighten you!

Answer: Sadaqah, especially Sadaqah al-Jaariyah (ongoing charity), is among the greatest acts of obedience that draw us closer to Allaah, but on condition that Sadaqah is given according to the teachings of Sharee‘ah (Islaamic law). It must be given from lawfully earned money and paid into the permissible channels, such as for the poor and the needy, or for building a Masjid (mosque) and the like. Associating the giving of Sadaqah with a particular time unspecified by the Sharee‘ah, based on a belief of its merit, is not permissible. Consequently, if this Sadaqah is paid during Sha‘baan due to a belief in the sacredness of this month or any of its days, it will not be considered among the lawful Qurbah’s (good deeds by which Allaah’s Pleasure is sought) more here.