Qaadiyaaniyyah sect Or Ahmadiyyah sect

Question 148: I hope you can explain the ruling on the Sufi order called Al-Qaadiyaniyyah and their alleged prophet Ghulaam Ahmad Al-Qaadiyaanee I ask you kindly to send me any books related to this order as I am very interested in studying it.

Answer: The Prophethood ended with Muhammad (peace be upon him), and there is no prophet after him. This is authentically proved by the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, and whoever claims otherwise, or claims Prophethood, then he is a liar. Foremost among those people is Ghulaam Ahmad Al-Qaadiyaanee whose claim of Prophethood is nothing but falsehood, and so what his followers claim in this regard is also falsehood... read more here.