Having sex with an animal during the daytime in Ramadaan

Question: A weak man is now 60 years old, and he remembers that he committed a major sin when he was less than 20 years of age. He had sex with a she-donkey during the daytime in Ramadaan 36 years ago. He asked for a private Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) about his act. We cannot give him the answeror give him Fatwaa. We hope that Allaah (Exalted be He) will help you give us Fatwaa in this regard. We also ask you to reply to us in a written letter. We supplicate to Allaah, the All-High and Omnipotent to multiply your reward and to accept our repentance and that of all Muslims, for He is the Best Guardian and the Supporter.

Answer: This man is required to make up for the day in which he did it, feed a poor person for delaying making up for that day, and repent to Allaah (Exalted be He) for what he did… read more here.

Hearing the Athaan being proclaimed after having sexual intercourse

Question: At dawn on Sunday (29/9/1416 A.H.) in the blessed month of Ramadaan, I had sexual intercourse with my wife in a closed room at 5:17 am and we finished shortly at 5:22 am. The time of Fajr (Dawn) Prayer of Makkah was 5:31 am while the time of Fajr Prayer of Qunfudhah city was about 5:26 am on Sunday. When I finished and went out to take Ghusl (full ritual bath) I heard the Athaan (call to Prayer) of Fajr Prayer. Then, after about two minutes, the Mu’ath-thin (caller to Prayer) of the nearby mosque announced the Athaan. Am I sinful for having sexual intercourse with my wife at that time? It is noted that I did so another time in 1413 A.H. Really, I am greatly perplexed, especially as my wife refused and she did so unwillingly. She suffers from a simple disease in her body.

I hope you will give me a Fatwaa (legal opinion issued a qualified Muslim scholar) for, as you know, this is a blessed month and we want to perfect our Sawm (Fast). It should be taken into consideration that my wife and I completed our Sawm and did not break it until that Sunday. May Allaah reward you the best.

Answer: If the reality is what is mentioned, that after you finished sexual intercourse when you heard the Mu’ath-thin (caller to Prayer) and you became sure that some minutes remained between the occurrence of Fajr Prayer and sexual intercourse, then there is no blame on you, because sexual intercourse took place outside the time of Sawm. There is no blame on you for performing Ghusl after the beginning of the time of Fajr… read more here.

Having sexual intercourse during Athaan

Question: About 25 years ago, I had sexual intercourse with my husband in the daytime in Ramadaan while the Athaan (call to Prayer) of Fajr (Dawn) Prayer was about to finish. My husband is a wise and old person and I do not know if he was aware of the ruling at that time or not. However, I did not know that doing so is impermissible because I was about 20 years old at the time, but I recently knew it through listening to the radio and because knowledge is now widespread.

I hope you will give me a Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) in this regard, because I deeply regret it. May Allaah reward you the best.

Answer: If the Mu’ath-thin (caller to Prayer) was pronouncing the Athaan upon the break of dawn, it means that you had sexual intercourse in the daytime in Ramadaan, and each of you has to make up for this day and to pay the Kaffaarah (expiation), which is to emancipate a Muslim slave… read more here.

Ruling on a person who committed premarital intercourse during the daytime in Ramadaan

Question: What is the ruling on Zinaa (sexual intercourse outside marriage) in Ramadaan? A man committed this sin when he was ignorant and he asks Allaah (Exalted be He) for forgiveness. It is noted that he is now married and has children. He asked about that and he was told that he has to fast two successive months. But, if he does so, his wife and family will ask why, which will surely cause damage to his character in front of his family, and Allaah (Exalted be He) has veiled him. Thus, is it permissible for him to feed the poor or to free a Muslim slave in order to preserve his dignity and protect his family, which may be disunited because of the mistake he committed before marriage?

Answer: It is obligatory on the man in question to repent to Allaah (Exalted be He) and observe the Kaffarah (expiation) which is to free a Muslim slave; and if this is not possible, then he should fast two consecutive months. If he cannot do that, he should feed sixty poor people… read more here.

Committing premarital intercourse during Ramadaan

Question: A questioner says: What is the ruling on a person who committed premarital intercourse during the day of Ramadaan and continued committing this sin for three days? What should he do, especially that he turned to Allaah in repentance and regretted the past? Kindly, support your answer with evidence and the opinion of scholars.

Answer: The man and the woman should offer a Kaffaarah (expiation) for each of the three days. A Kaffaarah is to emancipate a believing slave; and if they do not find, they have to fast two consecutive months… read more here.