Having sexual intercourse with one’s wife at the time of Fajr Salaah thinking that it was Tahajjud

Question: A man slept beside his wife after eating Suhoor (pre-dawn meal before the Fast) in Ramadaan and he was confused concerning the loud recitation of the Imaam (leader in congregational Prayer) in the mosque. He thought that it was Tahajjud (optional late night Prayer) and did not try to find out whether it was the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer or the Tahajjud Prayer, and he finally copulated with his wife. Surely, this man was able to turn on the light to know the time but he did not. However, after he had sex, he found out that it was the Fajr Prayer. By doing so, is he regarded as careless with and degrading the prohibitions of Allaah?

Answer: If the reality is as mentioned, that he had sexual intercourse with his wife after the break of Fajr in Ramadaan, thinking that the night did not elapse, he is not sinful because he did not seek to have sexual intercourse in the daytime in Ramadaan… read more here.

Entering part of the penis in the wife’s vagina in the daytime in Ramadaan thinking that this is not sexual intercourse

Question: In Ramadaan, I was newly married and I indulged in foreplay with my wife after the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer. I would enter a part of my penis in her vagina with her assent. We did not ejaculate but we were pleased with that. I do not remember how many times this happened; perhaps three or four. What is the ruling on that and what should I do? May Allaah protect you.

Answer: If the reality is as mentioned in the question, it is Waajib (obligatory) on you to pay the Kaffaarah (expiation) of sexual intercourse during the day in Ramadaan. If the sexual intercourse took place on separate days, it is Waajib on you to offer Kaffaarah for the number of days in which you had sex and you have to make up for these days… read more here.