Seeking the help of the Prophet or one’s parents on getting up by saying, “Oh, my parents!” or “Oh, our Prophet”

Question 268:  It is common in our societies that some people, particularly the elderly,on rising or sitting down they say, “Oh, my parents!” or “Oh, our Prophet” appealing to them for help; is the person who utters such words regarded as a Mushrik (associating others in worship with Allaah)? What should be done with those people? May Allaah bless you for it.

Answer: Appealing to the Prophet (peace be upon him) or to one’s parents for help on rising and sitting down is not permissible, as it is a form of appealing to the dead and the absent persons for help. It is worth mentioning that asking for help is an act of worship by which no one should be appealed to but Allaah (Exalted be He), as appealing to other than Allaah (Exalted be He) for help is a form of Shirk. Therefore, one should avoid the utterance of such words and enjoin others not to utter them. It is better for a Muslim on rising to say, “Oh, Allaah! Help us and make all our affairs easy!” or “Oh, Merciful! Help us and make all our affairs easy!” and so on. This is because it is Allaah Alone Who is Able to do all things... read more here.