Kidney dialysis as a nullifier of Sawm

Question: Some patients – may Allaah cure them – suffer from renal failure, so they need to go through kidney dialysis,which is used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function to filter poisonous wastes in the blood typically two or three times a week. Blood is taken to the dialysis machine that carries the removed blood to the dialyzer for filtering out impurities wherein blood is diffused with a dialysate. Kidney dialysis is so necessary to the patient’s life that may be endangered because of contingent renal dysfunction.

Does this process invalidate Sawm (Fast)? Please bear in mind that it is a necessity and it is so difficult for the patients to break their Sawm and make up for it later, while the only benefit they get is filtering poisonous waste in the blood. In fact, this is a frequently asked question. Please give us information in this regard, may Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: His Eminence the Manager of King Faysal Hospital and His Eminence the Manager of the Military Hospital in Riyadh were addressed by letters no. 1756/2 dated 14/8/1406 and 1757/2 dated 4/8/1406 respectively to enquire about the nature of the process of kidney dialysis, whether it involves mixing chemicals, and whether it includes nutrients... read more here.