Having intention to fast from the previous night

Question: In some Muslim countries, there might be some delay during the Night of Doubt in the announcement of the beginning of Ramadaan, resulting in the inability of some people to stay up long enough to hear whether the month has begun or not.

My question is: If one is overcome by sleep and cannot wait until hearing the official announcement of one’s country regarding the beginning of the month, how then can they make the intention to fast? Can they condition their intention according to the beginning of the month by saying: If Ramadaan starts tomorrow I will fast, and if not I will not fast? Will one have an excuse and thus can make the intention in the morning if they are informed that the month has started? Or, what should one do in this circumstance?

Answer: If one goes to bed without knowing whether the month has begun or not and does not wake up until the following day morning only to realize that the month has already started, then they must fast for the remainder of that day and make up for it after Ramadaan… read more here.