Ruling on publishing obituaries in newspapers

Question 19: What is the ruling on publishing obituaries in newspapers?

Answer: This is a debatable matter for it usually involves exaggeration. It may be lawful if they are sincere and contain no exaggeration, but it is better to avoid them to be on the safe side. If someone wants to offer condolences, they can write a letter or call by the phone or visit the deceased’s family, this is more more here.

Burning the worn-out pages of the Mus-haf and newspapers

Question 21: Is it permissible to burn the newspaper after reading it? Is it permissible to burn the worn-out pages of the Mus-haf (copy of the Qur’aan) that may be found in the streets?

Answer: Yes, it is permissible to burn newspapers, for they might contain some Aayahs (Qur’aanic verses), Hadeeths, or Islaamic texts that must be respected and venerated. Likewise, it is permissible to burn the worn-out pages of the Mus-haf to preserve their sanctity and protect them from desecration. You can also protect them from violation by burying them in pure earth… read more here.