Slaughtering on the threshold of a new house

Question: In Al-Riyadh newspaper, Issue no. 6411 of 01-05-1406 A.H., we read an article, of which a photocopy is included, under the following title “Slaughtering on the Threshold of the New House”. The editor wonders whether this belief is valid as it is a habit that some people have. The editor proceeded: I do not know where this custom of slaughtering on the threshold of a new house comes from. However, it is customary that slaughtering in this way as well as before entering is believed to be one of the most important means of fending off the evil eye, blessing the house, and avoiding harmful calamities and accidents. We believe that caution does not ward off predestination and thus, we do not know whether this belief is valid or not. Any way, this point is worthy of consideration.

Answer: If this habit is practiced as a means of satisfying Jinn (creatures created from fire) and avoiding calamities and unpleasant incidents, as it appears from what was mentioned that the slaughtering takes place before entering the house and specifically on the threshold, it will be regarded not only as an unlawful habit but also as Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship)… read more here.