Ruling on not spending the night in Minaa for two or three days

Question 16: What is the ruling on a person who does not spend the night in Minaa on the 10th, 11th, 12th or 11th and 12th for those who hasten to leave; should they offer a sacrifice for every day they missed in Minaa or does he have to offer only one sacrifice for the whole three days in which he missed in Minaa. Could you explain and mention the proof?

Answer: Whoever does not spend the night in Minaa during the Days of Tashreeq (11th, 12th and 13th of Dul-Hijjah) without excuse, has abandoned a rite which the Prophet (peace be upon him) prescribed by sayings and actions; which is additionally supported by the concessions which he (peace be upon him) gave to the people having excuses such as shepherds and people providing water to pilgrims. Rukhsah (concession) can only be granted in connection with matters where there is Azeemah (obligation); therefore, spending the night in Minaa during the days of Tashreeq is considered one of the obligations of Hajj according to the more correct of the two opinions of the scholars… read more here.