Menstruating on the day of stoning the largest Jamarah

Question 17: A woman began menstruating while performing the rites of Hajj on the day of stoning the largest Jamarah (Jamraat-ul-‘Aqabah: the closest stone pillar to Makkah). What is the ruling on her performing Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah (final obligatory circumambulation around the Ka‘bah in Hajj) and Tawaaf-ul-Wadaa‘ (circumambulation around the Ka‘bah on leaving Makkah)?

Answer: After stoning Jamraat-ul-‘Aqabah and trimming her hair, everything is permissible for her except having conjugal relations with her husband. However, she is still obliged to perform Tawaaf around the Ka‘bah (Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah) that can only be performed in a state of Tahaarah (ritual purity). Accordingly, if Allaah wills that she becomes pure before leaving Makkah, then she can perform Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah. If this is beyond her ability, and she must leave for her country, she may return again then perform it. However, her husband must not approach her until she performs Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah. On the other hand, if she performed Tawaaf-ul-Ifaadah and then menstruated before performing Tawaaf-ul-Wadaa‘, then she is exempted from performing it, because Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with them both) stated… read more here.