Is it permissible to memorize the Qur’aan without learning Tajweed or Tafseer?

Question 111: Some young men and I have started to memorize the Qur’aan, but some of us do this without knowing the rules of Tarteel (slow recitation of the Qur’aan) or Tafseer (exegesis of the meanings of the Qur’aan). Is this act permissible?

Answer: Muslims are required to memorize the Qur’aan in a way that is free from Lahn (incorrect recitation due to mispronunciation of letters or grammatical mistakes). However, memorizing the Qur’aan according to Tajweed (reciting the Qur’aan following the rules of recitation) is one of the complementary factors that contribute to perfect recitation, which is to be applied as long as this is possible... read more here.

Is it Fard (obligatory) to memorize the Qur’aan?

Question 110: Is it Fard (obligatory) to memorize the Ever-Glorious Qur’aan?

Answer: Memorizing the Ever-Glorious Qur’aan is a collective obligation. It is not obligatory upon every individual in the Ummah (Muslim nation) to memorize it. However, memorizing the Qur’aan is one of the best Qurbah (good deeds by which Allaah’s Pleasure is sought). It is a great virtue, provided that the Muslim acts upon its rulings and abides by its Hudood (limits)... read more here.