Forsaking someone for marrying immediately after his wife’s death

Question 12: In our neighborhood there is a tradition that when a wife dies, her husband should not marry another wife for six months or more. If asked why, they reply that this shows respect to the deceased wife. It happened that a person married a week after the death of his wife, and no one attended his marriage or even offered him Salaam (Islaamic greeting of peace). Is marriage, even one day after the death of one’s wife, permissible in the Sharee’ah perspective? Please answer me. May Allaah reward you best.

Answer: This is a pre-Islaamic tradition that is baseless as far as the purified Sharee`ah is concerned. Therefore, it should be abandoned and ignored. It is not permissible to forsake anyone who marries immediately after his wife’s death; it is even wrong to do so… read more here.