Does Madhee (thin white viscid fluid) invalidate Sawm?

Question: One Ramadaan day, I sat beside my wife for about half an hour while we were both fasting. We were having fun with each other. After I left her, I found wet traces of a liquid on my pants discharged from my penis. Actually, this happened more than once. I would like to know if I am liable for Kaffaarah (expiation) for doing so.

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned, you do not have to make up for the Sawm of that day or offer a Kaffaarah, keeping to the basis that Sawm continues to be valid (as long as nothing has happened to invalidate it, i.e, since the discharge was Madhee [thin white viscid fluid secreted due to sexual thoughts or desire]), unless it is proven that the liquid you discharged was Maniy (sperm/vaginal secretions that are released on orgasm), in which case you must perform Ghusl (full ritual bath) and make up for the Sawm of that day, but you do not have to offer a more here.