Ruling on taking a lost camel

Question 8: Around one year after the Battle of Al-Sablah, around 1349 A.H. [corresponding with 1930. Ed.], we faced many hard years. When I was in great need and suffering from hunger, I found a camel in the desert bearing the mark of the two tribes of ‘Udayyan that had descended from ‘Utaybah. I did not know who its owner was personally, and I was coerced by my need and poverty to sell it for about 130 Arab silver Riyals. I used the money and never heard of anyone searching for the camel. However, for a few years now, I have been worried and confused due to what I did. I have performed Tawbah (repentance to Allaah), regretted what I did, and resolved not to do it again, In-shaa’-Allaah (if Allaah wills). What shall I do now as I do not know who the owner of that camel was? I hope that Your Eminence will give me your Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) on this matter, because, as I said, I am worried about it and regret it.I hope that you answer me soon so I can discharge my responsibility over it before I die. May Allaah safeguard you!

Answer: First: This camel is considered to be a stray and it is reported that when… read more here.