Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due) on cows

Question 4: A man owns twenty cows as an investment to sell their milk in the market. He wants to know if Zakaah is due on these cows.

Answer: If the cows are not intended to be sold, then no Zakaah is due on them, unless they meet two conditions:

Firstly, if they are grazing freely. Secondly, if they reach the Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due), and the Nisaab for cows is thirty. If the cows are intended for sale, Zakaah is due on them when they reach the Nisaab or are more than that… read more here.

Is Zakaah due on these animals and birds that are not for sale?

Question 3: We have camels, sheep, cows, and different types of birds on our farm that we raise for personal use, not for sale. We sometimes sell some of those that are of no use, such as the old ones. It should be mentioned that these animals never graze freely, but they eat the provender we buy for them from the market or the farm produce. Is Zakaah due on these animals and birds?

Answer: No Zakaah is due on livestock, such as cows, camels, and sheep, or birds that are raised as property or for eating and not for sale, as long as they are not grazing freely and not for sale… read more here.