A family executing the Hadd (punishment) of Zinaa in a foreign country

Question 3: I would like to know the legal decision on a person who commits a crime that incurs Hadd (ordained punishment for violating Allaah’s Law) such as Zinaa (sexual intercourse outside marriage). It should be noted that the law of the country where we live has a different punishment for this crime and if we, the family of the sinner, execute the Hadd, we will be punished by the government. What will happen if we do not execute the Hadd? Should he repent to Allaah? To what extent will Allaah accept his repentance?

Answer: You are not entitled to execute the punishment; because execution of Hudood (ordained punishments for violating Allaah’s Law) against the fornicator or any criminal, is the responsibility of the ruler or his deputy officers… read more here.