Why wasn’t there another name for the prophet that came after `Eesaa other than Rooh al-Qudus?

Question 532: Why wasn’t there another name for the prophet that came after `Eesaa (Jesus, peace be upon him) other than Rooh al-Qudus, i.e. (the Holy Spirit)?

Answer: Rooh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit) is the name of Jibreel (peace be upon him). `Isa (peace be upon him) is Allaah’s Slave, Messenger and Word, which Allaah bestowed upon Maryam (Mary) and a spirit created by Allaah. `Eesaa was called Rooh (Spirit) because Allaah created him without a father. In fact Allaah created him with the mere word ‘Be’ from the Spirit which the angel blew into Maryam (Mary) without a father..read more here.

Is prophet `Eesaa (Jesus) better than other Prophets, he had no father?

Question 531: Is prophet `Eesaa (Jesus, peace be upon him) better than other Prophets because he was born like no other human, and because he did not die like other Prophets?

Answer: That `Eesaa (Jesus, peace be upon him) was born to no father and that he was raised to heaven, does not mean that he is better than other Prophets. The proof is the fact that the two Khaleels (beloved, close elect) of Allaah, the Merciful, namely Ibraaheem (i.e. Abraham) and Muhammad (peace be upon them) were not blessed with any such miracles. However, they are surely better than `Eesaa. In fact they are the best Prophets ever (peace and blessings be upon them all)..read more here.

Which is better, the Qur’an or ‘Eesaa (Jesus, the son of Mary)?

Question 1: I heard some scholars asking which is better: the Qur’aan or `Eesaa ibn Maryam (Jesus, the son of Mary, peace be upon them)?

Answer:  The Qur’aan is the Speech of Allaah; it was not created. `Eesaa (peace be upon him) is a human being who was given birth to by Maryam bint `Imraan. Thus, the Qur’aan is better… read more here.