[Book] Islaamic Rulings Regarding The Qur’aan | The Permanent Committee of Scholars, KSA

Islaamic Rulings Regarding The Qur'aan

Description of this book:

This book is a comprehensive collection of rulings regarding The Book Of Allaah, issued by some of the most reputable scholars of this age. Within the pages of this book you will find answers to issues such as:

Highlights of the Topics:

• Can you recite the Qur’aan as a group?

• Is it allowed to kiss the Qur’aan?

• Is it necessary to be in a state of Wudoo’ whilst reciting the Qur’aan?

• Is it permissible to pray behind someone who recites incorrectly?

• What is the ruling on decorating the walls with posters that contain aayaat of the Qur’aan?

• Can you recycle pages of the Qur’aan?

• Can you take the Qur’aan into the bathroom?

• May a woman recite the Qur’aan while she is menstruating? 

And much more…