Jinn, hypnosis and swearing by people

Question: What is the Islaamic ruling on a person who seeks help from the Jinn (creatures created from fire) to learn the Ghayb (the unseen) by means of, for example, Darb Al-Mandal (Necromancy)?

What is the Islaamic ruling on hypnosis, through which the hypnotist has power over the hypnotized person and has the ability to influence them, make them abandon a forbidden act, cure them from a psychological illness, or make them carry out their orders?

What is the Islaamic ruling on saying “By so-and-so…”? Is it a type of an oath or not? Please, advise us!

Answer: Firstly, knowledge of the Ghayb is Allaah’s Province. None of His Creation, whether from among the Jinn or others, knows the Ghayb, except that which Allaah reveals to whom He wills from among His Angels or Messengers… read more here.