Claiming that al-Jaami’ al-Saheeh of al-Bukhaaree contains weak Hadeeths

Question 6: Some people claim that the Saheeh (Authentic Hadeeth Book) of Al-Bukhaaree includes some Da‘eef (weak) Hadeeth, although we told them that all Muslims unanimously agree to its authenticity, could you please show the right opinion?

Answer: This claim is untrue, for all the Hadeeth in Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree that are Musnad (Hadeeths with a sound chain of narration) and Muttasil (Hadeeths with a continuous chain of narration to a Companion of the Prophet or Follower; the generation after the Prophet’s Companions) are authentic… read more here.

Naming the Soorahs of the Qur’aan (Qur’aanic “chapters”)

Question 3: Who was it who named the Soorahs (Qur’aanic chapters)? Was it the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him)?

A: We do not know of a text that was authentically reported from the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) about the naming of all the Soorahs. The names of some Surahs are reported in Saheeh (authentic) Hadeeths, such as Soorahs Al-Baqarah and Aal-‘Imraan… read more here.