Naming someone as “Ghulaam-ul-Rasool” Or “Ghulaam-ul-Nabee”

Question 19: In brief, some one was granted Saudi nationality under his name, i.e. Ghulaamul Rasool (lit. Servant of the Messenger). However, he does not feel comfortable with this name and wishes to change it unless it is permissible to be called as such.

Answer: Apparently, Ghulaam according to the dialect of those who name their children as such means servant. Thus, Ghulaamul-Rasul means servant (worshipper) of the Messenger. It is well-known that names such as Abdul-Rahmaan (lit. Servant of the Merciful), Abdullaah (lit. Servant of Allaah) and the like symbolizes the servant’s attachment to his Lord in the aspects of worship and submissiveness… read more here.