The etiquette the Messenger followed when visiting graves

Question: There is a grave in our village which is said to belong to one of the righteous people. A house was built over this grave and there are two people appointed to take care of it. These people inherited this mission from their fathers. They tell people: “This night, the dweller of this grave said so and so and asked for so and so. They have attracted people’s hearts that live beside the grave. People believe everything that is said by these two people. Therefore, people make Tawaaf (circumambulation) around the grave, sacrifice animals for its sake, etc. What is the ruling on a person who thinks that this Walee (pious person) brings benefit or causes harm? Is it permissible to vow or sacrifice for the sake of this Walee? What should someone do if they know that these things contradict Sharee`ah (Islaamic law) especially if they live with these people?

Answer: The guidance of the Messenger (peace be upon him) in visiting the graves is clear in Saheeh Hadeeths (Hadeeths that have been transmitted by people known for their uprightness and exactitude; free from eccentricity and blemish)… read more here.

Making 3D shapes of the Ka`bah and the dome on the grave of the Messenger

Question 383: I would like to draw your attention to sundry shops that have strangely spread without any regard for the Haraam (prohibited) items sold. Among these Haraam items are, 3D objects, either in the form of dolls, or different kinds of animals. In any case, these sundry shops have recently begun selling 3D of the Sacred Ka`bah in the form of medals or pencil cases to be placed on desks with pens or small sheets of paper in them. Provide me with your beneficial answer regarding the following questions please:

1. Are these 3D shapes either in the form of dolls or animals considered Haram?

2. Are such 3D shapes of the Sacred Ka`bah considered permissible? It is worth mentioning that 3D shapes of the Ka`bah will be degraded as whoever buys these medals will not take them off before entering the toilet. Even if 3D shapes of the Ka`bah are used as pencil cases, they will also be demeaned as pens and related items will be placed on them. Moreover, some ignorant people may seek the blessings of these 3D shapes! When I tried to advise the shop owners they told me that they have other branches in Makkah and Jeddah. They argue that if such 3D shapes are Haraam, they would have been banned from the shops near the Sacred Mosque of Al-Ka`bah. I am confused! Is a tri-dimensional shape of the Ka`bah, or the green dome of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawee (the Prophet’s Mosque in Madeenah) Haraam or not? It may be worth mentioning that these 3D shapes are immersed in water with small beads around them.

Answer: Firstly, According to the purified Sharee`ah (Islaamic law), the original ruling is the impermissibility of Tasweer (painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography) of beings with souls. This is because of the Islaamic legal proofs which state the prohibition of Tasweer. However, it is permissible to make images of things with no souls such as trees, buildings, cars, etc. Such images may also be used as toys... read more here.