What is the ruling on celebrating birthdays?

Question 486: What is the ruling on celebrating children’s birthdays? Is it true that fasting on this day is better than celebration?

Answer: Celebrating birthdays and fasting on birthdays is a Bidd`ah (innovation in religion) which has no origin. Muslims should draw close to Allaah by performing the obligatory and supererogatory acts of worship which He enjoined upon them. They should be thankful and grateful to Allaah all the time for having a sound body, and feeling secure with regard to their lives, money and children..read more here.

Giving gifts to a child on his birthday

Question 485: Some schools give gifts to children on the occasions of their birthdays. Is it permissible for Muslim pupils to receive such gifts?

Answer: Giving and accepting gifts on birthday occasions is an impermissible practice. This is because festivals which are made for birthdays are Haraam (prohibited), and whatever practice is based on something Haraam is also Haraam..read more here.