Du`aah (callers to Islaam) assembling every Friday night

Question 63: Du`aah (callers to Islaam) in our area have agreed to hold a weekly meeting to get acquainted with each other, hold sessions, and practice Da`wah (calling to Islaam). They chose Thursday night for this weekly meeting, provided that everyone brings their own food. Is this considered a Bid`ah (innovation in religion), as one of the scholars claimed that it is considered dedicating Thursday night to a particular form of `Ibaadah (worship)? They only want this night to be the timing for the meeting, not for `Ibaadah. I am now defending the Du`aah, and I think that getting acquainted with each other is a major factor in aiding Da`wah. What is the correct ruling on this?

Answer: There is no wrong in meeting every Thursday night to give lectures, get acquainted and hold sessions. This is not considered dedicating Thursday night to a form of `Ibaadah… read more here.