Having sexual intercourse with an animal while observing Sawm

Question: A young man says that at some point in the distant past he wronged himself and could not control his sexual desire, and Satan enticed him to have sexual intercourse with an animal. Rather, he used to perform the act of masturbation. He adds that he practiced masturbation while he was observing Sawm (Fast) during the month of Ramadaan. He says that he knows masturbation is forbidden, but he did not know that it renders Sawm invalid. He adds that he would keep observing Sawm by abstaining from food and drink during the day, enduring the hot weather and offering Salaah (Prayer). His question is as follows:

1- Does he have to do anything with regard to Sawm of the days on which he practiced masturbation while observing Sawm? It should be taken into account that he does not know the exact number of those days.

2- Is it obligatory on him to offer a Kaffaarah (expiation) for having sex with the animal?

These are the very words of his question. I would be grateful if Your Eminence could send us a clear and confidential answer to this question as I see him distressed and displeased with what he did. May Allaah protect you as pride for all Muslims.

Answer: This young man has to turn to Allaah in repentance for having sex with the animal and performing the act of masturbation. He should seek Forgiveness of his Lord. Besides, he must make up for the days on which he rendered his Sawm invalid by committing such sins... read more here.

Masturbation during Sawm

Question: What is the juristic ruling on what I did last Ramadaan as I masturbated on two days in the early morning? I was not ignorant about the punishment of its act, but I did it because I could not overcome my sexual desire, so I ask this question; what should I do now?

Answer: You should turn to Allaah (Exalted be He) in repentance and seek His Forgiveness with regard to masturbation as it is a forbidden practice,particularly during the day of Ramadaan. Moreover, you have to make up for the two days on which you broke your Sawm (Fast) after having masturbated... read more here.

Engaging in foreplay with the wife and discharging semen while observing Sawm

Question: While a man was observing Sawm (Fast) during the month of Ramadaan, he engaged in foreplay with his wife without penetrating her until he discharged a few drops of semen; what should he do?

Answer: If a man engages in foreplay with his wife and discharges semen while observing Sawm in Ramadaan, his Sawm is invalid. He has to make up for this day and abstain from food, drink, and sexual intercourse on this day until sunset. In addition, he has to turn to Allaah (Exalted be He) in repentance for doing so and be determined not to do this again... read more here.

Foreplaying with one’s wife in her postpartum period before her completing forty days

Question 154Is it permissible for a husband to be intimate with his wife, without having vaginal intercourse with her, during the postpartum period before the passage of forty days, even if she is still bleeding?

Answer: All praise be to Allaah Alone, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, and his family and Companions. Yes! It is permissible to do so. But the Sunnah in this regard is to ask her to tie a waist-wrapper, for it was reported that `Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) said: “During my menses, the Messenger (peace be upon him) used to ask me to wear an Izaar (garment worn below the waist), and then he would fondle me.”… read more here.