Placing food, cloth, or money beside the grave

Question 56: Some people visit the grave of prophet Yoonus (Jonah, peace be upon him) and make Tawaaf (circumambulation) around it. The grave is surrounded by a room made of aluminum and glass. There are windows through which some people throw bags of candy such as Jaklit (Iraqi candy made of wheat, fat, milk, and sugar), others throw money, and some others throw green cloth. Allaah knows the secrets of people whether they mean by their actions only the sake of Allaah or if they want to draw closer to Him through prophet Yoonus (peace be upon him). The authority of Waqf (Endowment), in turn, confiscates these types of candy, money, and cloth. Some of the workers there distribute this candy to their relatives and friends for blessing. As for the cloth, they are sold in the form of bands 20 cm × 5 cm for half a dinar. Buyers put these bands in their hands or pockets for the sake of warding off harm or out of fear of getting hurt. As for the money, only Allaah knows what they do with it. Is it permissible to eat this candy or not? May Allaah reward you!

Answer: (A) Visiting graves for anyone other than women is Sunnah (a commendable act) because of the Prophet’s saying: Visit graves for they remind you of the hereafter.

(B) It is not permissible to make Tawaaf around the grave of a prophet or any other person. It is not permissible to put food whether candy or anything else at graves. The same ruling applies to cloth and money. This is considered an act of Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship) if it is meant for drawing closer to the dead whether they are prophets or not… read more here.

Zakaah on grains and fruits

Question 7: What is the minimum possible Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due) on grains, rice and so on? How much of them should be given for a person who deserves Zakaah (obligatory charity)?

Answer: Nisaab of Zakaah on grains such as wheat, barley, corn, and rice is five Wasqs (1 Wasq = 60 Saa`s =130,320 kg), where a Saa` is equal to four Mudds (a dry measure of half bushel, 543 grams) according to the measuring of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and it is also equal to four hundred and… read more here.

Is Zakaah due on these animals and birds that are not for sale?

Question 3: We have camels, sheep, cows, and different types of birds on our farm that we raise for personal use, not for sale. We sometimes sell some of those that are of no use, such as the old ones. It should be mentioned that these animals never graze freely, but they eat the provender we buy for them from the market or the farm produce. Is Zakaah due on these animals and birds?

Answer: No Zakaah is due on livestock, such as cows, camels, and sheep, or birds that are raised as property or for eating and not for sale, as long as they are not grazing freely and not for sale… read more here.