Having sexual intercourse with an animal while observing Sawm

Question: A young man says that at some point in the distant past he wronged himself and could not control his sexual desire, and Satan enticed him to have sexual intercourse with an animal. Rather, he used to perform the act of masturbation. He adds that he practiced masturbation while he was observing Sawm (Fast) during the month of Ramadaan. He says that he knows masturbation is forbidden, but he did not know that it renders Sawm invalid. He adds that he would keep observing Sawm by abstaining from food and drink during the day, enduring the hot weather and offering Salaah (Prayer). His question is as follows:

1- Does he have to do anything with regard to Sawm of the days on which he practiced masturbation while observing Sawm? It should be taken into account that he does not know the exact number of those days.

2- Is it obligatory on him to offer a Kaffaarah (expiation) for having sex with the animal?

These are the very words of his question. I would be grateful if Your Eminence could send us a clear and confidential answer to this question as I see him distressed and displeased with what he did. May Allaah protect you as pride for all Muslims.

Answer: This young man has to turn to Allaah in repentance for having sex with the animal and performing the act of masturbation. He should seek Forgiveness of his Lord. Besides, he must make up for the days on which he rendered his Sawm invalid by committing such sins... read more here.

Masturbation during Sawm

Question: What is the juristic ruling on what I did last Ramadaan as I masturbated on two days in the early morning? I was not ignorant about the punishment of its act, but I did it because I could not overcome my sexual desire, so I ask this question; what should I do now?

Answer: You should turn to Allaah (Exalted be He) in repentance and seek His Forgiveness with regard to masturbation as it is a forbidden practice,particularly during the day of Ramadaan. Moreover, you have to make up for the two days on which you broke your Sawm (Fast) after having masturbated... read more here.

Engaging in foreplay with the wife and discharging semen while observing Sawm

Question: While a man was observing Sawm (Fast) during the month of Ramadaan, he engaged in foreplay with his wife without penetrating her until he discharged a few drops of semen; what should he do?

Answer: If a man engages in foreplay with his wife and discharges semen while observing Sawm in Ramadaan, his Sawm is invalid. He has to make up for this day and abstain from food, drink, and sexual intercourse on this day until sunset. In addition, he has to turn to Allaah (Exalted be He) in repentance for doing so and be determined not to do this again... read more here.

Kissing and fondling during Sawm

Question: Does kissing one’s wife during the day in Ramadaan without having sexual desire break Sawm (Fast)?

Answer: When a fasting person kisses his wife, this does not break his Sawm. This is because the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to kiss his wives while he was observing Sawm. However, if anyone fears that his sexual desire may be aroused, he should not kiss his wife so as to keep his Sawm away from anything that might render it invalid... read more here.

Fondling his wife, he had an erection and ejaculated while fasting

Question: Does an erection due to kissing one’s wife render Wudoo’ and Sawm (Fast) Baatil (null and void) or Wudoo’ only? Another question: What is the ruling on wearing perfume while fasting; is it Haraam (prohibited) or Makrooh (disliked)?

Answer: Generally, as a fasting person, you should keep yourself away from acts which render Sawm incomplete or Baatil. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said: When any one of you is fasting, he should neither have sexual relations with his wife nor behave impudently; and if anyone abuses him or quarrels with him he should say: “I am fasting.”(Agreed upon by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim)... read more here.

What did `Aa’ishah mean when she said: He used to kiss and fondle me?

Question: What did `Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) mean when she said he used to kiss and touch me (Related by Al-Bukhaaree)? What is meant in detail by “touch me” that is mentioned in the Hadeeth? Please guide me. May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: Anyone who observes Sawm (Fast) has the Rukhsah (concession) to kiss and touch without having intercourse as long as he is able to control his lust. It was authentically reported on the authority of `Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) that she said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) used to kiss and touch (his wives) without having intercourse while observing Sawm; but he had the greatest control over his desire (as compared with you).... read more here.

Fondling during the daytime of Ramadaan without intercourse and reaching orgasm

Question: My husband had foreplay with me during the daytime of Ramadaan without intercourse, the matter that caused me to reach orgasm. Actually, I have regretted doing so and repented, but what am I obliged to do?

Answer: You should make up for that day. However, if this happened during Ramadaan of a previous year before 1420 AH, you should make up for that day in addition to feeding a poor person for delaying making it up with no excuse... read more here.

Meaning of fondling one’s wife during Sawm

Question: I am a thirty-year-old young man. I am married and have children, praise be to Allaah. I am, praise be to Allaah, punctual in performing Obligatory Prayers. During Ramadaan, I offer `Ishaa’ (Night) Prayer, Taraaweeh (special supererogatory night Prayer in Ramadan), and Tahajjud (optional late night Prayer) in Al-Masjid Al-Nabawee (the Prophet’s Mosque in Madeenah).

One Ramadaan night, however, after performing Tahajjud I went shopping and all of a sudden saw a woman of great charm. To be honest, I was charmed by her but I sought refuge with Allaah from the accursed Satan and went home without committing any sin. Anyway, it was in vain to try to sleep after performing Fajr (Dawn) Prayer as I was totally obsessed by the image of this woman. Meanwhile, my wife was lying beside me and I started foreplay with her with the woman’s picture in my mind. To clarify more, my penis was at that moment between the thighs of my wife which caused me unconsciously to ejaculate. Upon this, I wished I had disappeared off the face of the earth before this could have happened. Please guide me, what should I do?

Actually, I made up for this day but I was told that I have to fast, in addition, for two consecutive months, which I cannot afford.

Please, tell me in detail about the Kaffaarah (expiation). Is it permissible for me to pay the value of food to be given to the poor in cash? If yes, how much does a Saa` (1 Saa`=3 kg. Approx.) equal in riyals. Please, answer me as soon as possible because I am so confused and Satan whispers many evil thoughts – Allaah only knows how evil they are – to me. May Allaah reward you with the best.

Answer: Fast during Ramadaan does not stand for only abstaining from eating and drinking. Rather, it also entails that all the body organs fast, i.e., abstain from all things prohibited by Allaah. Thus, a tongue should fast and abstain from backbiting, gossip, and lying... read more here.

Kissing and fondling during Sawm

Question: What is the ruling on someone who engaged in foreplay with his wife while fasting and ejaculated without intercourse? May Allaah reward you!

Answer: If a husband engages in foreplay with his wife while fasting during Ramadaan and ejaculates without intercourse, his fast will be invalid, and he should abstain from fast invalidators for the rest of the day. Moreover, he has to make up for that day (after Ramadaan) and ask Allaah for forgiveness.

Anyway, he is not liable for a Kaffaarah (expiation). So while fasting, we must guard our fasts against acts or words that nullify it or cause it to be defective. In this regard, a fasting person should abstain from sexual desire, eating, and drinking for the sake of Allaah as authentically narrated from the Prophet (peace be upon him)… read more here.

Fondling one’s wife while fasting in Ramadaan

Question: Although I have a strong belief in Allaah (Exalted be He), Satan incited me during the blessed month of Ramadaan to engage in foreplay with my wife. We kissed and hugged one another while wearing our clothes, the matter that caused us to reach orgasm. In fact, this took place during the early days of our marriage and we did so on three days of Ramadaan, bearing in mind that we did not break our fast during these days in the sense that we continued fasting without eating or drinking. This took place during the month of Ramadaan, 1410 AH. The present Ramadaan has come while we have not expiated or made up for the mistake we committed during Ramadaan two years ago due to our ignorance regarding the liabilities resulting from such a mistake. Give us a Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by qualified Muslim scholar), may Allaah reward you!

Answer: If the case is as you mentioned, your fast was invalidated and both of you must make up for the days on which this took place. Since you delayed expiation without a legal excuse till a subsequent Ramadaan came, each of you should make up for these days, in addition to feeding one poor person for every day you did so an amount of 1.5 kg of the local staple food. Moreover, you must repent to Allaah and ask His Forgiveness… read more here.