Naming a newborn after his father’s name

Question 1: My son died in a car accident. He was married to two women, who were both pregnant when he died. Before his death, he wrote in his will that he wants his son to be named after him “Sarhan”, as his name is “Sarhan ibn Muhammad ibn `Alee”. We took permission from the Court of Qunfudhah to give the boy this name, but the Health Office objected to this, and claimed that it is impermissible to name a boy after his father. Please advise concerning this issue, as the birth certificate of the boy is still in the Health Office, and the boy is now eight months old.

Answer: It is permissible to name a boy after his father, whether he is Sarhan ibn Sarhan, `Abdullaah ibn `Abdullaah or any other name… read more here.