Dedicating the reward of the Waqf (endowment) of Mus-hafs (copies of the Qur’aan)

Question 1: My father died 10 years ago and since then I have given Sadaqah (voluntary charity) on his behalf. I would buy some Mus-hafs (copies of the Qur’aan) and put them in the village Masjid (mosque) which is short of them. I type on each Mus-haf the words: “This is Waqf (endowment) whose reward is dedicated to Muhammad Muhammad Faraj, may Allaah be merciful to him”. What is the Islaamic ruling on this? Is this Haraam (prohibited)? Should I only write “This is Waqf” and not write anything else? Please guide me to the best way in this regard. May Allaah be merciful to you!

Answer: It is a good deed to give Sadaqah on your father’s behalf and dedicate the reward of endowing the Mus-hafs to him, may Allaah accept that from you… read more here.