What is the ruling on celebrating festivals of non-Muslims?

Question 416: What is the ruling on Muslims who celebrate holidays of non-Muslims that Allaah did not sanction, such as the Mother’s Day, Sham Al-Nasim and Christmas?

Answer: All these days are innovated celebrations which are not permissible for Muslims to participate in or celebrate. In Islaam, there are only two `Eeds: `Eed-ul-Fitr (the Festival of Breaking the Fast) and `Eed-ul-Ad-haa (the Festival of the Sacrifice). Thus, a Muslim whom Allaah has guided to the truth should advise and gently instruct those who celebrate such innovated feasts. If he abandons this practice, it will be good; otherwise, he will be considered a persistent doer of Bidd`ah (innovation in Islaam) who is sinful for that action... read more here.