Ruling on photography

Question: Is photography Haraam (prohibited) or not?

Answer: Yes, photographing soul-possessing creatures and the like is Haraam. Whoever does this should repent to Allaah, seek His forgiveness, regret what they are doing and never do it again… read more here.

Photography and buying magazines that include pictures

Question: We have disputed over the issue of photography which you did not mention in your letter. Does it fall under the same ruling of portraying or not? Some (scholars) have argued that it is permissible, for it is not drawing but nothing more than imaging the figure of a person without exerting any effort other than pressing the button (of the camera) to bring out a photograph identical to the figure being photographed. Some of my friends showed me a photograph of Your Eminence in the Kuwaiti magazine of “Al-Mujtamah`” and the Egyptian magazine of “Al-I`tisaam.” It was published with your Fatwa regarding the rulings of Sawm (Fast) during the blessed month of Ramadan. Is displaying your photograph in the magazine a proof of the permissibility of photography or was it taken without your knowledge?

Moreover, if photography is not permissible, then what is the Islamic ruling on buying the newspapers and magazines replete with pictures, although they contain important news and other useful and useless information? Please advise us in this regard.

Is it permissible to put these magazines in Al-Musallah (place for prayer) even if they are covered by a cloth or suchlike? Or should they be destroyed after reading them? What is the ruling on watching moving images on television? Is it permissible to turn on the television in Al-Musallah?

Please enlighten us in these regards, may Allaah enlighten you.

Answer: Firstly, photography falls under the forbidden types of image making, for its ruling is the same as portraying, making images on cloths with color paints and statue making. The difference in the means and tools of making images does not entail having a different ruling… read more here.

Three-dimensional, photographic, painted, or sculptured forms of beings with souls

Question: We know that the Messenger (peace be upon him) cursed Al-Musawwiroon but who are Al-Musawwiroon? Are they the idol-makers, the photographers, or the painters? Do paintings of natural scenery fall under the prohibited category?

Answer: Figuration of living beings is unlawful whether it is in three-dimensional, photographic, manual, or sculptural form, due to the generality of the evidence on the prohibition of Tasweer (painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography)… read more here.

Taking photographs of beings with souls using cameras or the like

Question: Is photographing or video filming permissible? Is it permissible to watch television, especially for the news?

Answer: It is not permissible to take photographs of animate beings using cameras or other means of photographing machines, or to keep pictures of animate beings, except for necessity, such as photographs used in identification documents or passports… read more here.

Ruling on video recording or Videography?

Question 370: Does video recording take the same ruling as photography?

Answer: Yes, the ruling of video recording has the same ruling of photography which is deemed unlawful due to the purport of related religious proofs... read more here.

Is it permissible to be photographed by modern cameras?

Question 369: Is it permissible for us to be photographed by modern cameras?

Answer: Photographing is Haraam (prohibited) and one of the major sins, as it is strongly prohibited in many Saheeh (authentic) Hadeeths, such as the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Every maker of a picture will be in Hellfire. He also said, Anyone who makes a picture in this world will be ordered to breathe soul in it on the Day of Resurrection. There is no difference between making pictures by the camera or drawing them by hand, as the Hadeeths are general in this regard... read more here.